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PIEES conducts workshops such as studies seminars, symposiums, workshops at certain intervals, publishes the scientific data obtained and makes it available to the scientific community. The second of the congresses, the first of which was held in Kamaniçe, was held in Kiev (CIEES 2018) in cooperation with Taras Shevchenko University, and the third was held in Skopje (CIEES 2019) in cooperation with the Turkish-Balkan University. One of PIEES ‘main areas of study is the magazine activity, which is offered to the academic community twice a year. The International Journal of Eastern European Studies (JIEES), which our group has been publishing for three years, continues its efforts to become a respected journal scanned in the indexes.

In addition to these periodic and continuing activities, the subjects that attract the attention of the international community in the fields of Eastern European history, culture and geopolitics are among the fields of study of PIEES. Thus, the Orthodox Patriarchate and its branches, which are among the basic institutions of Eastern European history in today’s conjuncture, have gained importance to create tensions between the countries of America, Europe, Russia and Ukraine. Given the historical process, this issue is also of interest to Turkey and therefore our platform has demonstrated the necessity to carry out academic activities in this field. As a result of this idea, our platform decided to hold an e-seminar on “The Role of the Church in Eastern European History” in the workshop held on 17/04/2020. It is aimed to address the Eastern Church in all its aspects with the mentioned study. There is no other joint efforts of individual publications in the mentioned areas in Turkey and this situation increases the importance of the activity we plan to do.

Platform management believes that as a result of the researches it has done, you have a level of expertise in the subjects we present below, and you will make a great contribution to our effectiveness. Thus, the platform management invites you to  the e-congress on the Role of the Church in Eastern Europe, which it plans to hold in the first week of June. Note: e-congress papers will be published as an edited e-book on a suitable date to be notified to you after the program. We would like to remind you once again that the program will be carried out on the internet due to the social distance problems created by COVID-19.


cıees 2020

Main Theme of CIEES 2020

The Birth and Establishment Process of the Eastern Church

Faith and Creed in the Eastern Church (Aspects from other sects and churches)

The Eastern Church in the History and Culture of the Community

The Reflection of the Eastern Church with its Effect on Domestic and Foreign Policy, Geopolitics and Strategic Area

ORTHODOX CHURCHES (Eastern Orthodox Churches) 

MONOPHYSITE (Oriental Churches)

Cıees 2020

Congress Date And Online Access

Important Dates

Congress Date: 6-7 June 2020

Deadline for Submission of Abstracts and Abstracts: 10 May 2020

Online Access

CIEES 2020 will be held online through the web conference program called ‘Zoom’. Our teachers who will make presentations at the congress must install the “Zoom” program on their computers. You can attend the congress in two ways.

1. Open the Zoom Program. Enter the numbers below in the Meeting ID section. Password will remain empty. Click Join. If you will attend the congress after clicking the Join button.

June 6, 2020 MEETING ID: 917 6285 4425

June 7, 2020 MEETING ID: 936 0425 0590

2. You can directly access the congress by clicking the links given below. After clicking the links, your internet browser will automatically direct you to the zoom program.

June 6, 2020:

June 7, 2020:




Workshop of PIEES Held Online

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Third Workshop of Piees was Held

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