You can join the congress  with only one paper.

Congress fee is 100 €.

If there are two or more authors, the participation fee is 80 € for the 1st author and 75 € for the others.

The Free Services

  • Congress attendance document
  • Congress stationery and brochures
  • Snacks (tea, coffee etc.)
  • Congress e-book
  • Publication of the full text of the paper in the congress e-book

How will we pay the participation fee?

€ 100 will be deposited until  17 September 2019 but   in the event of a delay, € 125 will be deposited.

If the text of a participant is not accepted, the participation fee will be refunded.

if an attendee’s notice is accepted but the attendee refuses to attend later, the attendance fee will be refunded with a 25% deduction.


The Account Number to Deposit


Osmangazi University Iş Bank Branch

TR69 0006 4000 0024 4060 1104 46 ‘Euro account’