PIEES conducts workshops, interviews, seminars, symposiums and congresses at certain intervals in line with its determined objectives, publishes the scientific data obtained and presents them to the service of the scientific community.

The second of the congresses, the first of which was held in Kamanice, was held in Kiev (CIEES 2018) in cooperation with Taras Shevchenko University, and the third in Skopje (CIEES 2019) with the cooperation of Turkish-Balkan University. Due to the Covid-19 epidemic, our congress themed “The Role of the Church in the History of Eastern Europe” was held online. The 5th of these periodic and continuous congresses is planned to be held in cooperation with Izmir Democracy University.

The study subjects of each of the PIEES congresses are determined within the historical perspective and within the framework of certain main themes, provided that they are limited to Eastern Europe. In this context, the main theme of 2022 CIEES has been determined as “Social and Economic History of Eastern Europe”.

Based on this main theme, the platform expects the participation of researchers who want to contribute to the event on the subjects we have outlined below. It is expected that the papers to be presented in our congress, which will be held online, will be within the framework of the main theme. Unfortunately, the papers proposed to be submitted outside of this theme will not be evaluated.



  • Population
  • Migration
  • Settlement
  • Riots and Banditry
  • Economic Activities (Trade, Livestock, Mining, Agriculture)
  • Currency and Units of Measure
  • Tax
  • Social Institutions
  • Educational İnstitutions
  • Beliefs
  • Folk Culture
  • Cultural Interaction
  • Art
  • Intellectual Movement
  • Artisan Organizations